Seasons (Cover)

by ATKstat

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"Seasons" is a cover of a song that a friend of mine wrote several years ago. Unfortunately, due to an ever dreaded LSDJ cartridge crash, he lost the original version. Though he did eventually recreate the track, he was never quite happy enough with it and has never performed it since.

Enter me: I absolutely adore the original, and could no longer bare to have Seasons go unplayed. So what better way to enjoy this song than to perform it myself? My version is a bit different, with an adjusted style and some rearranged vocals, but my goal with this was to keep it as close as possible to the original while also making it my own. I hope that I've succeeded in that, and I hope that you enjoy my version of Seasons!

If you want to check out the original version (I HIGHLY encourage you to do so), this link will take you to that:


Well, you seem so familiar. What do I know you for?
Yeah you seem to resemble someone I knew before.
But I can't see why...

Late in last September, my year came to a close.
I soldiered through the winter, but down to the bone I froze,
But I made it through.

Now Spring means nothing to me, but freedom from the snow.
And summer's around the corner, so far away I'll go.
Yes I'll go, I'll go!

Now fall has come again, and I'm right back where I began.
It seems my life's gone nowhere. Though I've done all I can.
And now I see why...


released April 13, 2017
Written and Composed by Alex Wimmer.
Arranged and Performed by Ricky Case.



all rights reserved


ATKstat Lexington, Kentucky

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